Niko Shefer – Tips for Being Successful in Academia

Niko Shefer is an accomplished academic who not only teaches English literature to students in South Africa, but he also has made his mark in the field as well. Being successful in academia doesn’t just mean that you’re a good teacher, it means that you’ve done something in your particular field to make a difference.

Here are some tips for academics.

Niko Shefer

In order to be successful as an academic, you need to pick a field and specialize in it. For example, if your field of study is English literature, pick a subject in that category that you can specialize in and make your own. Successful academics not only then teach this material to others, they also try to figure out things about it that no one else has considered before.

Write a book, or several, on the subject you’ve based your career on. Shefer has written several books on the works of William Shakespeare, and the impact his work still has on a modern society today. His books are studied by his own classes, and English literature courses all over the world because he looked at the subject in a different way than any of his colleagues.

A successful academic will also strive to be acknowledged for his or her hard work. You can work on an academic subject your entire career, but until you attempt to put your work out into the open, you won’t be recognized for it. Put your work out there and see how it’s received by the community.

Niko Shefer is a successful academic because he has done everything listed above and more for his career.