Niko Shefer – Tips for Fly Fishing for Beginners

Niko Shefer is an academic who is currently teaching English literature at the University in South Africa. He has worked hard for his career, and he enjoys being able to living in a place so conducive to an outdoor lifestyle. Niko Shefer regularly gets outside to go fly fishing, which is something he’s enjoyed for years. Here are some tips for fly-fishing beginners.

Niko Shefer

When choosing your flies for the end of your line, make sure you get the right size. The size of your flies matter because they will determine the size of the fish you’re after. Many fishermen forget about size, and worry about their action, color, and shape, but size is important too, and it will help you get the fish you want to catch.

Think about the seasons when you’re choosing the right color for your flies. If you’re fishing in the winter, natural flies tend to be darker in order to blend more with their surroundings, and lighter in warmer weather due to the increase in sunlight. The fish take notice of the color of the flies, and having the right natural color will enable you to catch more fish.

If you’re fly fishing, you need to walk softly. Fish are able to pick up on movement in the water from a pretty good distance, and it’s important you don’t make any sudden moves that can scare off the fish in your area. When you’re wading in the water, don’t push the water as you move.

Niko Shefer enjoys fly fishing whenever he can, and he understands it can take years to become proficient.

Niko Shefer | The University of Africa