Niko Shefer – Three English Literature Authors You Should Know

English literature encompasses a broad body of works that were produced over hundreds of years. Niko Shefer studies English literature and he is a professor at the University in South Africa. He specializes in the works of William Shakespeare, and has worked hard to develop his knowledge in this field. He enjoys working with students and introducing them to a variety of authors and genres.

Niko Shefer

William Shakespeare is a famous author who falls into the English literature category. He published many of his works during the early seventeenth century. He was not just a playwright, but also the director of an acting troupe, first called The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, and then The Kings Men. Some of his plays include Romeo and Juliet, MacBeth, The Tempest, and The Taming of the Shrew. He also published several volumes of poetry.

Charles Dickens is another famous English literature author from the nineteenth century. He began his career by publishing weekly excerpts of his stories. He later began publishing entire books. Some of his books include Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, and, perhaps the most famous, A Christmas Carol.

Jane Austen is another important English literature author. She wrote during the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. She is an important contributor to women’s literature in Britain. Some of her works include Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Mansfield Park. Niko Shefer is passionate about English literature and has worked hard to become a successful academic in this field. He specializes in the works of Shakespeare, but loves all English literature.