Niko Shefer – Three Tips for Reading A Shakespeare Play

William Shakespeare is famous for his tragedies and his comedies. Niko Shefer is a professor of English Literature at the University in Africa. Niko specializes in the works of William Shakespeare. Even though most of his research is centered on Shakespeare’s poetry, he always enjoys reading his plays as well as watching performances of his plays. If you are new to Shakespeare there are a few things you can do to make it a little easier to read his works.

Niko Shefer

The language in William Shakespeare’s plays is very different from modern English. Some of the words may be written oddly, and it can be difficult to grasp the meaning of the text. One way to make reading these plays a little easier is to read them out loud. In some cases, vocalizing the dialogue can make it a little clearer.

Another tip for reading Shakespeare’s plays is to do a little historical research before you begin. Many of his plays are based on historical events. A little background knowledge could give you the context you need to make sense of his work.

A third tip for reading these plays is to learn about Shakespeare’s language. William Shakespeare was a wordsmith, who was responsible for creating hundreds of words. It can be helpful to review this vocabulary before picking up one of his plays. Niko Shefer is passionate about the works of William Shakespeare. Niko Shefer is a dedicated professor and academic, who has been studying English literature for several decades.