Niko Shefer – Tips For Novice Chess Players

When he is not busy with Niko work as an English literature professor at the University of Africa, Niko Shefer likes to relax by playing a few games of chess. He has become proficient in the game over the years, but he also recognizes that many novices struggle to develop their skills due to chess’ complex nature. The following tips should prove useful for anybody who is new to the game.

Niko Shefer

Learn The Moves

You need to have an in-depth understanding of all of the moves that each piece on the board can make before you can start playing chess properly. You need to know them all to the point where it is second-nature to you, as this will allow you to work out what your opponents may be setting up with their moves, while also attaining strong positions for going on the attack.

Do Your Research

While you can learn the basics of chess by just playing it with others, the game is immensely complex at higher levels and there are many different strategies that more experienced players use. You should spend some time reading about the various opening gambits that professional players use, in addition to other techniques that could aid your development.

Play Experienced Players

Niko Shefer has been playing chess for many years and is very experienced. Such players can offer you much more than those who have the same skill level as you, as you will be able to see more complex tactics in action while also having the opportunity to discuss the game in more depth.