Niko Shefer – Tips For Teaching College Students

Niko Shefer is an academic who has an extensive teaching career in English literature. He is currently teaching at a major university in South Africa, and he is devoted to supporting his students as best he can. Teaching college students can be difficult, especially if you want them to do well on exams.

Here are some tips for teaching at the collegiate level.

Niko Shefer

A successful college professor will make sure his class is engaged. This may be difficult considering many of the lower level classes can have hundreds of students, but technology has made it easy for an entire lecture hall to stay active in the classroom. Ask multiple choice questions that the entire class can respond to using a remote or clicker. This will help them retain the material.

You also need to be able to show, not just tell. Many professors simply stick to the lecture style format, which can work, but it isn’t nearly as effective a teaching style as one that allows students to observe. If you’re teaching a science course, show your class through demonstration so that they can see what you’re teaching rather than just read or hear it.

A college professor should also make him or herself available outside of class for extra help. Some students don’t learn well or don’t feel comfortable in a large group setting, so setting aside office hours for extra help is important. This one on one time can be extremely beneficial for students.

Niko Shefer is an academic who is supportive of his students, and he tries to help them succeed any way that he can.





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