Niko Shefer: English Literature Professor at the University of Oslo

Niko Shefer is an English Literature professor at the University of Oslo. He has long been a lover of the written word and the English language. As a student and professor of literature, he learned several languages during his academic career, including French and Spanish. Niko has worked translating classic works of English Literature into different languages and is prominent critic of new and emerging voices in the United Kingdom. His commentary on the classic works of English Literature has helped guide countless students of the great British writers for many years throughout his career. Shefer has studied, worked, and lived in the United States, France, and Norway.

His experience in several different cultural contexts has enriched the understanding of the cultural mores and implications of the past Niko Shefer has and has built throughout his career. Shefer first became enamored with the English language and with Shakespeare when he read Hamlet for the first time in grade school. He decided to study more about the English authors, including his favorite, the Bard himself, after he graduated from high school and went to college in Norway. After earning his bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis on Literature, he decided to go back to academia to learn more about the great English writers and the place and time they come from to better understand what they had to say and how their voices fit into modern European society today.


Niko Shefer went back to school to earn his Master’s degree in English Literature from New York University and later became a professor of English Literature at the University of Oslo, where he has taught many students the importance of the voices of the past in English Literature so that their lessons are not lost. Shefer, who also earned a doctorate degree in English Literature from the University of Paris, strives to help his students find their passion in the words of the great authors of the past. The greater the passion for these words, the better the students can learn to analyze them, think about them, and discuss them with each other so others can find their passion in the lessons that great writers from Great Britain have tried to impart through their works.

Niko Shefer hopes that his students find all of the same drama in the great works of English Literature that he found when he first discovered Shakespeare as a child. Shefer has dedicated his career to the pursuit of new truth and knowledge from the works of great authors like Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and all the other writers adding their voice to the great echo chamber of time. Shefer lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

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About Niko Shefer

Niko Shefer is an accomplished academic in English literature at the University of Oslo in Norway. He has worked hard for the sake of his professional career, and he is committed to teaching his students to the best of his abilities. He enjoys living and working in Norway because of the opportunity for outdoor activity. He regularly enjoys fly fishing, hiking, and bird watching when he isn’t teaching students.
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