Niko Shefer – Passing his Love of Letters to the Next Generation

Niko Shefer has been a professor of English Literature for ten years at the University in South Africa. This career as a professor passing on the tradition of great art to the next generation of students started after an extensive academic career that saw Shefer study the works of the greatest British writers in the United States and France.

Niko Shefer

He has loved the works of Dickens, Shakespeare, Shelley, Eliot, and all of the authors of the British literary canon and he has made a career out of passing that love and passion down to the next generation of students. His students have caught the passion that he has for the great works of literature and the tradition of British authors and have learned how to analyze and unpack their works to find how they affect their current situations today.

Niko Shefer has worked with many fellow academics on the translation of many British works of great literature into several other languages. He is also a leading critic of modern British literature as it grows and changes to this day. He is always looking for the next great voice for Great Britain and the cultural and societal place modern British literature still holds today. He has made his career into the passing of his love of British works onto the next generation. He sees his passion for his subject and his discerning eye as the most important factors in his teaching of British Literature classics.

Niko Shefer considers himself a student of the great authors of classic British Literature even though he has built a career in academia teaching them. Shefer believes that, no matter how much time he spends working on discerning the meaning of the great British authors’ works, there are always still things he can learn from their writings.

Niko Shefer

There are always new things to discover when he opens the works of Shakespeare or dives through the words of Milton. Shefer continues to find excitement in the words of people long dead from a time long ago. He hopes that he can pass that excitement and passion onto the next wave of students coming to the University in South Africa to learn from him about the great authors of the past and what they had to say.

Niko Shefer has made his mark with his commentaries and analyses throughout his academic career on the study of English Literature at the University in Africa and beyond. He has worked with many students on their own work with these great works so they can continue to add to the discussion about the great British classics for long into the future. Shefer has long been committed to the discovery of new perspectives and opinions concerning English Literature.

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