Niko Shefer: Reasons to Never Stop Learning

Niko Shefer is an international academic with decades of experience teaching classes on English literature. He is presently enjoying his career working with the University in South Africa.

In addition to teaching, Niko Shefer learns every day. Lifelong students like Mr. Shefer enjoy learning, and they constantly seek new ways to expand their horizons. If you don’t make time for learning in your life, reasons like those below might motivate you to pick up some new books (and skills):

  • Earn More. Learning, even if you don’t have several college degrees to show for it, statistically improves your annual wages. The more you study, the more you can make.

The reasons that you make more as an eternal student are debatable, but many argue that it may be a combination of larger skillsets and an improved professional mentality. Eternal students show drive and a willingness to devote time to self-improvement away from work, making them more valuable as human resources.

  • Connect with Others. Lifelong learners are charismatic and interesting. For example, the well-known eternal student, Theodore Roosevelt, had a reputation for being able to hold intelligent conversation about almost any subject. Scientists, philosophers and socialites alike frequently remarked on Roosevelt’s ability to converse, share insights, understand perspectives and break down complex theories.

Thirty minutes a day spent learning Spanish or reading about leading might not make you the next Theodore Roosevelt, but it could help you connect with others by broadening your horizons.

You don’t need to be a professor like Niko Shefer to be a lifelong student. Just seek knowledge, ask questions and pass on what you know when opportunities present themselves – the outcome will be equally rewarding.




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