Niko Shefer: Learning for Life

Niko Shefer is an English professor whose busy career with University in South Africa, allows him to work closely with countless students. He also serves as a youth minister, teaching tomorrow’s generations through a local church. Still, though, Mr. Shefer finds time to teach himself daily.

Education professionals like Niko Shefer are frequently, in Mr. Shefer’s words, “eternal students.” These motivated scholars see learning as a lifelong pursuit. If you think that you don’t have time to do the same, think again. Below are ways to sidestep commonly sighted barriers and become a student for life:

  • Everyone is busy. Most people cannot imagine cramming in study time like they did in college just to join the ranks of eternal students. You don’t have to study like a university student to learn, though.

Setting aside just twenty or thirty minutes (less than the average daily time that people spend on Facebook) every day can make a world of difference. Spend your chunk of learning time working on a language, reading a book or following along with an instructional video – the results will be worth the effort.

  • Becoming a lifelong learner does not mean spending your life in college. At least, it doesn’t have to.

Learning is free, if you devote time to it. From language learning websites to websites that offer college-level courses to the public, free education isn’t hard to find.

Don’t hesitate to start learning as much as you can, whenever possible. Devoted students like Niko Shefer would not learn as much if they waited for the perfect moment to learn something. The best approach is one that you have time for.




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