Niko Shefer – The Gear You Need On Any Hike

Niko Shefer is an academic currently living and teaching in Oslo, Norway. He specializes in English literature, and has been teaching at the university level for many of years. He enjoys living in Norway for the many outdoor activities it allows him to pursue. He is an avid hiker, and can help others figure out what to bring on a hike.

The most important thing you need to bring on a hike is water. Make sure you have enough to stay well hydrated, and so you don’t have to worry about saving any for later. Water is extremely important, on any level hike, because it not only keeps you hydrated, but it also keeps your energy levels up and keeps you from getting fatigued.

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In addition to water, bring snacks, especially if you’re going on a longer hike than normal. Healthy, protein rich snacks will boost your energy levels, and keep you hiking if you want to. Hiking burns a lot of calories, especially if you’re working hard; healthy snacks will be able to replenish those calories as well as keep you energized.

It’s also a good idea to bring a compass. Some people have a hard time telling direction, or picking up landmarks that will be able to tell them exactly which direction they’re going. If this is the case for you, carry a compass so you can figure you what direction you’re heading, and where you need to go to stay on course.

Niko Shefer is an avid hiker who always makes sure he has the right gear to hike safely and have fun.



About Niko Shefer

Niko Shefer is an accomplished academic in English literature at the University of Oslo in Norway. He has worked hard for the sake of his professional career, and he is committed to teaching his students to the best of his abilities. He enjoys living and working in Norway because of the opportunity for outdoor activity. He regularly enjoys fly fishing, hiking, and bird watching when he isn’t teaching students.
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