Niko Shefer: Youth Minister at Local Church

Niko Shefer is the Youth Minister at a local church in Africa where he lives and works. As a minister working with primarily young people, he helps young people get through the difficult parts of their lives with his guidance and wisdom. Shefer is also an organizer for other youth ministers and is a prominent member of his congregation otherwise.

He is able to do this in addition to his duties as a professor of English Literature at the University in South Africa. He squeezes his time as a Youth Minister into his busy schedule so that he can be there for a new generation of the congregation and help them toward adulthood.

Niko Shefer believes in the power of youth mentorship. He had several mentors as a child growing up who taught him many different things. Shefer’s interest in reading and writing was discovered early by some of these mentors, who recognized a great ability in young Shefer.

They encouraged him to keep pursuing literature studies throughout his early academic career in grade school and high school. He continued to pursue this course of study throughout his adulthood until he had earned both a Master’s and a Doctorate degree in English Literature. He is now a tenured professor at one of the best universities in the area.

Niko Shefer followed his dreams to become a professor of English and live according to his own rules. He never would have thought to pursue his dreams without the help of his parents and the many mentors he had in his life as a child. He hopes that he can pass that on to the next generation as a Youth Minister.




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