Niko Shefer: Participant in the Discussion of English Literature

As a professor of English Literature at the University in South Africa, Niko Shefer has many responsibilities, including his participation in the ongoing discussion of English Literature around the world. Many scholars write theses and position papers examining and analyzing important literary works by all kinds of authors, and Dr. Shefer is one of these academics. He writes papers getting to the heart of the issues and themes that many different English authors wrote about and how they affect everyone’s lives today.

Niko Shefer combines his research and scholarly work to inform his teaching in the classroom as well. He brings his students into the modern discussion of the works of the authors he examines with his students.

Dr. Shefer also works hard to plan his curricula around a firm grounding in literary traditions from Great Britain as well many other places. His teaching helps place students in the historical and cultural context of the work.

All great pieces of literature come from a specific time and place and have something important to say about that particular time and place. Niko Shefer helps his students understand this time and place so they can draw comparisons with their own thinking about their own time.



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