Niko Shefer – Common Birdwatching Mistakes To Avoid

Niko Shefer has always been enchanted by nature and often spends his spare time bird watching. Birds are some of the most majestic creatures on Earth and there are many people who wish to take up bird watching so that they can learn more about them and see birds in their natural environments. Unfortunately, those who are new to the activity are prone to making a number of common mistakes, including all of the below.

Niko Shefer

Lacking Patience

Above all else, patience is the quality that you are going to need if you are to be a successful birdwatcher. It is likely that you will spend hours, often in the same place, looking for the birds that you wish to spot. If you become frustrated during this time it is likely that you will scare any nearby birds away, which ruins the activity for you and fellow watchers.

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Not Doing Research

Researching where birds live is an important part of bird watching, as it allows you to focus your efforts and ensure you don’t end up wandering around aimlessly in the vague hope that you may spot a bird. You will get much more out of the activity if you spend time doing research, plus you will learn even more about these magnificent creatures.

Bright Colors

Niko Shefer is an experienced birdwatcher who knows how big an effect clothing can have on his activities. Bright clothes, in particular, may spook some of the more skittish birds, so try to wear clothing that allows you to blend into your environment and draw attention away from yourself.